Our Story

So we built an online bank.

Not by some massive, robotic fleet of bankers who were constantly calculating profit margins, but instead, by a rather small team. A team passionate about the “greater good” …and about redefining the community banking experience.

As we set out to craft the ideal experience, we checked out the competition: what were they doing well? And more importantly, how could we possibly improve? Certainly this would not be an easy feat (especially give our Lean Startup methodology)!

After conducting countless grassroots surveys, while downing umpteen energy drinks… and gorging on brain food (and chocolate!), while rocking through marathon brainstorming sessions… it finally struck us: all those new ultra-sleek, high-tech online banks were missing “IT”!

Community banking – online, is meant to be much more than logging in-n-out of an app and simply conducting transactions.

The Community Bank used to be more than a financial center, it used to be a social experience: the central town hub… the place where you’d run into neighbors and catch up on the latest news… where you’d learn what new businesses were launching down the block… and get recommendations on where to go and what to do. It was all about connecting and networking with others – and being part of something bigger than oneself.

In that moment, it all became crystal clear. In our digital world, “communities” are no longer defined by geographic coordinates – a community is now more about shared beliefs and common goals.

And so, the premise for our “greater good” community bank began to take root, and BankPurely sprouted! {pun totally intend, let us live a little.}

Our Mission

BankPurely is all about bringing banking back to its roots, and doing this all online.  It’s less about a sleek user interface (at least initially!) and more about focusing on what really matters, while fostering a true sense of support and empowerment with our community banking members.

BankPurely.  Banking on a better world.®  Bringing banking back to its roots:

  • Cultivating prosperity.
  • Aligning with the Greater Good.
  • Inspiring sustainable lifestyles.
  • Revitalizing community spirit.

So, please tell us, what does “Banking on a better world.®” mean to YOU?