Allpoint ATM Locator

Voice Assistance ATM locator: 800-809-0308, Option 2

Surcharge-free use of 55,000+ ATMs worldwide*

In addition to worldwide cash access, you can make surcharge-free withdrawals at ATM locations in all 50 states through the Allpoint Network. The Allpoint Network is America's largest surcharge-free ATM network.

To find a surcharge-free ATM near you, click here for our ATM locator.

*® and BankPurely® customers will not incur a charge from Allpoint for the use of their ATM network. However, customers using, non-Flushing Bank ATMs may incur fees.  Fees may reduce earnings. Refer to the® Schedule of Fees and account disclosure for more details. Please note: Some Allpoint machines may display a surcharge screen during the Allpoint ATM transaction. If so, simply select “Yes” to accept the surcharge and proceed with the transaction. You will not be charged the surcharge, if so Allpoint will refund the fee.