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Coffee: The Beverage That Keeps on Giving

Can't start your day without coffee? Don't fret! The perks of coffee transcend way beyond waking you up…
  • Coffee can increase your exercise performance and raise your metabolic rate to help you burn fat even when you're not hitting the gym.
  • Just one cup of caffeinated coffee a day can reduce your risk of certain cancers by 20 percent, while five cups could reduce that risk by as much as 50 percent!
  • A coffee facial scrub can brighten your complexion, a coffee ground massage can reduce cellulite and soaking your hair in leftover coffee can boost the brown tones in naturally dark hair. (Read more now—with recipes!)
Buy only Fair Trade brands, and you'll be supporting ethical treatment of global laborers. Not only can coffee help you look good on the outside, it can also help you feel good on the inside!

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