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The "Anti-Gift"—Doing is the New Giving

Skip the traditional gifts this year and give a gift that will last forever—in memories that is. Experience gifts are the hottest trend in gift-giving; in fact, nearly 40 percent of shoppers prefer them to tangible gifts.
Experiences are almost always universally enjoyed—after all, they can't be the wrong size or color. Furthermore, research shows that anticipating an event is almost as exciting as the event itself, extending the life of the gift. And of course, as Marie Kondo takes over the airwaves as well as our bookshelf, we definitely don't need more clutter.

Convinced an experience gift is the way to go?

Here are some ideas for adventures they'll love:
  • Racecar Driving: On your mark, get set...go, adrenaline junkies! The checkered flag will drop at dozens of local speedways, offering the chance to drive a genuine NASCAR racecar—all by yourself.
  • Sports Lesson: Want to up your game? Whether you're interested in improving your golf swing or your skiing form—or trying something more offbeat like curling or hula-hooping, there's a pro who'd love to give you some individual attention.
  • Stretching Session: Fresher than a massage...more relaxing than yoga, the new wellness trend is “assisted stretching." Get a gift card to a stretch class or stretch studio to stretch away the stress of the day.
  • Floral Design Workshop: Roses are red, violets are blue…giving flowers is a cop out, when you could arrange them too. We guarantee your Valentine will prefer petals you've put together yourself. Find a floral school or contact a local florist to get your bouquet on.
  • Heavy Equipment Driving: Ever wanted to don a hard hat and move some dirt? Dig in to a real-life sandbox with a heavy equipment adventure.

And experiences you'll love together:
  • Cooking Class: Whether you'd rather make decadent chocolate desserts or try your hand at sushi rolling, culinary adventures a deux are not only fun, they're delicious.
  • Daycation: Want to spend the day luxuriating in a cabana at a ritzy hotel? Get a day pass for a pool near you and enjoy all the amenities the resort has to offer, then head home to your own cozy bed.
  • Smash Room: In a bit of a lover's spat? There's no better way to get out that tension than smashing the china…someone else's china that is, at a “rage room" near you—in good fun, of course!
  • Brewery/Winery Tour: Whether you love to sip winequaff beer, or craft cocktails, there's a beverage experience for you. Most tours include an insider's look at the process and then the fun of tasting together.
  • Night at the Zoo: Want a wild night out? Many zoos offer overnight campouts for ages 21+. Adults can check out the nightlife of their favorite critters and go on night hikes at these adventures.

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