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From Trash to Trunks: Fair Harbor Clothing

What do you do if your childhood home, which was once a pristine place of beauty, is now tarnished with pollution?

You take action.

That's what the founders of Fair Harbor Clothing did. When Jake Daheny, his sister Caroline, and their childhood friend Sam Jacobsen found plastic waste washing up on the Fair Harbor shores of Fire Island, N.Y. (the beach town where they spent their summers), they came up with the idea of Fair Harbor Clothing.

The seed for the idea sprouted when the three of them were just college students. To test their concept, they participated in and won a college "Shark Tank"-esque competition in the spring of 2015. They used the prize money to launch their first line of high-quality, stylish board shorts—from recycled plastic bottles! Indeed, each pair of shorts is created from 11 recycled plastic bottles that are woven into a stretchy, durable fabric.

Fast-forward, and Fair Harbor Clothing now offers four clothing lines and has expanded its unique men's lifestyle brand to include shirts, hats, and accessories. Learn more about Fair Harbor online, or show them some love on Twitter or Instagram

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