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Meet the Community Builder Helping Neighbors Work Together

"Dear Neighbor, I work from home and often find myself feeling isolated and unproductive."

Community members of Fort Greene, Brooklyn found that very letter hand-delivered to their doorsteps last year. This was how Sam Utne introduced himself and his business idea to those around him. He had one small, yet powerful proposal: What if we all co-worked together here, in our own neighborhood?

Sam's company, Commins, strengthens local community by partnering with local restaurants that are typically slow until dinnertime to provide quiet, focused, daytime workspace for neighbors. With a low, monthly membership fee that's less than the cost of a desk at a co-working space, Fort Greene residents now have a new option for beating the work-from-home blues.  Plus, a bonus:  They get to know their neighbors and support local businesses.

Sam hopes Commins will build a sense of belonging within Fort Green. With a model and plan to scale neighborhood by neighborhood, he aspires to bring neighborly connectivity to all of New York City.

Who knows what the end result will be? As Sam says, "It's amazing how much you can do with the resources in your own community."

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