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6 Tools to Pump Up Your Productivity in 2019

Snag the right tools and you'll be able to boost your efficiency, giving you more time to do what you really want. Now that's a resolution to keep!
Here are six go-to tools we love:
  1. Unroll.me: Blogs and newsletters cluttering your inbox? This tool catches all your subscriptions in a “Rollup" to access and review when you have downtime.
  2. Doodle: Whether it's a client meeting or lunch with friends, scheduling can be a nightmare of reply-all emails. With Doodle, everyone shows his or her avails so you can pick the best choice.
  3. LastPass: With this site saving strong passwords across devices, never again will you forget your login or succumb to “123456."
  4. IFTTT: “If This, Then That" allows your devices and apps to work together seamlessly, via “recipes" you program. For example, connect your coffeemaker to your FitBit to automatically start your brew.
  5. Jumpcut: This bigger clipboard remembers everything you've copied all day for easy retrieval and pasting.
  6. Freedom: Trouble focusing? This tool will block specific apps and websites—or internet access altogether—so you can work distraction free. 

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