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Fitness Pros Share their Secrets For Lasting Youth

While technology can help us harness wellness, the ultimate secret to longevity is getting up and at 'em—especially as we start to age. Wouldn't you love to look and feel as good at 60 or 70 as you do today?

We turned to three fitness experts for some steps you can take now to ensure a better quality of life later:
  • Embrace the weights. Debbie Cohen, a 62-year-old champion power lifter, calls weightlifting a “fountain of youth." Her philosophy: "Push yourself to lift as much as you can with the correct form for just a few reps." Building muscle increases metabolism, increases your energy, and may help prevent injuries as you age, she says.
  • Focus on balance. “Include an element of balance in your workouts," advises Linda Melone, founder of AgelessAfter50.com, a website that helps women over 50 becomes their healthiest, fittest, and happiest selves. She recommends standing on one leg during bicep curls or even while talking on the phone.
  • Nutrition is king. Staying lean can reduce the risk of heart disease, the nation's number one killer. “The key to slender is substitution, not sacrifice," says Warren Honeycutt, a fitness coach and author of "Get Lean for Life." He recommends substituting unhealthy foods like sugar with natural sweeteners, like in this cheesecake recipe.

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