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Tech Your Way to a New You

"New Year, New You..."
You've heard that before, but this year you can harness some tech-help with your wellness goals. Here are our top app choices to get you moving more and eating healthy:
  • Human: This friendly, beautiful pedometer and food tracker encourages movement every 30 minutes.
  • Zombies Run: Post-apocalyptic UK serves as the setting for this story-based running app. Your music playlist is interrupted by an ongoing zombie story every few minutes to encourage the hero in you to run faster, build your settlement, and cure the zombie plague.
  • Restaurant.com: Skip the fast food by using this app to support local eateries thanks to gift cards available at deep discounts. Steer clear of the fried food and mind the healthier fare while eating out.
  • SavingStar: Connect your grocery rewards card to this app for rebates and deals and then start meal-planning some delicious and well-balanced home-cooked meals.

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