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3 Ways to Live a More Sustainable Life

While hybrid cars and energy efficient homes can be expensive, many sustainable lifestyle habits can reduce your costs and save money. Read on for three ways to save more while doing right by the environment:
  1. Become your own barista. Trading a $4 latte a day for a weekly half-pound of coffee at home reduces a $1,460 per year expense to just $260. Plus, a reusable mug reduces waste.
  2. Plant the garden of your urban farm dreams. Food travels a long way to make it to grocery store shelves, which is tough on pollution. Spending $5 instead on a bag of soil and seeds beats your farmer's market bill.
  3. Forget about the traditional commute. Swapping cars for buses, light rails and trains saves on gas and your budget. Do yourself even better by canceling your gym membership in favor of biking.
What other habits are helping you to save?  Share your story!

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