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Host a Healing Party to Unwind and Re-Center

When it's time to go beyond the BBQ and bonfires, a "healing party" may be in order. A gathering of like-minded friends with a spiritual bent, one of these can help you and others take a breather and re-center.
Here are some tips on hosting one of your own:
  • Prepare vegan and vegetarian options for all to enjoy. Encourage attendees to offer a dish or beverage.
  • Create a space for others to relax and share. Adorn your yard or living room with a string of lights or boost the Zen with some soothing incense.
  • Schedule activities such as guided meditation, a period for dharma sharing, or a short tai chi lesson.
  • Provide paper and pens or a communal notebook to jot down notes of gratitude, intentions, or affirmations.
Facilitate a produce or free-stuff swap.

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