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How to Leave Home Without Going Broke

Once their diploma is in hand, the next goal for most graduates is to leave the nest for good. That means it's time they make some money moves—work on their financial fitness, so to speak!
Building a solid financial core that's the equivalent of six-pack abs will serve the independent-minded well as they get set to plant their roots. Consider these three "exercises" in money management:
  1. Analyze cash flow: Financial strength comes from having a clear picture of your financial situation.
  2. Track spending: Just like wearable fitness gadgets track daily activity, workouts, and sleep, money management apps can help you closely follow your dollars and whip your bank account into shape.
Focus on the big picture: That photo of a healthier you on the fridge can definitely motivate your fitness routine; likewise, setting clear financial goals (six months' rent, a down payment, etc.) is key to pumping up your finances.

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