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This 4th of July, Add Some Green To Your Red, White & Blue Celebration

When our Founding Fathers lit fireworks at the first-ever Fourth of July party, they didn't imagine the environmental impact. Today, we know better...so we do better.

Host a greener celebration with these suggestions:

Shine a (solar) light on your flag. Party all night with solar-powered LED flagpole lights, fulfilling the Flag Code of illuminating Old Glory after dark.

Let the lanterns loose. Leave the “rocket's red glare" for the National Anthem. Biodegradable paper sky lanterns will wow onlookers—sans the carcinogenic smoke and dangerous metals fireworks may release.

Enjoy a farm-to-table cookout. Source locally grown, organic produce. Charcoal-grilled vegetables and three-bean salad can please a crowd as much as high-carbon footprint beef burgers.

Keep cutting the carbon footprint of your party. Additional options: Consider citronella candles to keep away bugs. Use reusable plates, cups, and utensils. And break out the acoustic guitar for an earth-friendly group sing-along.


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