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What Do Rubber Chickens Have to Do With Fitness?

After his 424-pound father passed away, Jonathan Ross was motivated to launch a career in fitness. He knew from experience that most people don't actually enjoy working out, which is why they don't stick with it. 

That's inspired him to conceptualize Funtensity (fun + intensity), a nontraditional workout that combines brain science with exercise. Ross discovered that by adding cognitive challenges to workouts—such as move left if the leader calls out an odd number; right, if even—people start to laugh about having to “do math" while exercising. 

By engaging the mind during exercise, Ross explains, you change your emotional response to it. That's how a rubber chicken, given to each participant of Ross' one-day workshops, became the unofficial mascot of the Funtensity movement. 

"It has become the representation of having serious fun while working seriously hard, but not taking anything too seriously," he explains. 

Indeed, while intensity changes the body, fun changes the mind and makes you come back for more. We think Ross' dad would be proud! 

Experience the transforming power of Funtensity at a workout or workshop near you.

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