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Hit the Green With Eco-Friendly Golf Products

The sport of golf is landing closer to the green with a recent surge of eco-friendly products. Take Tony Robbin's favorite, EcoBioBall. For golfers who want to practice their driving by the beach, these golf balls have a fish food core, which dissolves and feeds marine life.
Other golf gear on par with planet protection:
Green tee. Eco Golf's Eco Endurance golf tees are made with recycled materials, and last 50 times longer than wood or bamboo tees. They are also created with a singlestep manufacturing process, which contributes to its super low carbon footprint.
Sun-catching cart. To make golf carts more energy efficient, PowerFilm Solar Golf Cart Panels are laid on top to capture the sun's energy so they don't need to be charged as often.
Hitting for the trees. If you use Dixon Golf balls, you'll be supporting the greenery around you since the company plants one tree for each product sold online.

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