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Love, Marriage, and Veganism

They say the way to a person's heart is through his or her stomach. And for Julia Morton and Hector Torres, a married couple who transitioned to veganism together, that rings true in a special way.
The pair met while volunteering at the UCLA chapter of Food Not Bombs, a global organization that feeds the homeless. After dating for about a year, the Los Angeles couple decided to become vegan.
The change came after watching impactful food documentaries, such as “Forks Over Knives," which prompted them to acknowledge their ethical and environmental concerns about eating animal products. The lovebirds made a pact to phase out meat and dairy products from their diet for good.
Besides having each other, the pair was supported by their vegan friends, who organized potluck get-togethers, recommended local restaurants, and swapped recipes.
“I went from 'I could never be vegan, to 'Oh! Maybe it's not impossible—maybe I could make it work,'" says Morton.
Curious about going vegan? Know your reasons why, encourages Torres. “Maybe you're worried about the environment, the well-being of animals, or your personal health." It's also helpful to be fully aware of how your personal lifestyle choices impact the world at large, he adds. "That will help you stay committed." 

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