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Ready to Swap your Cheeseburger for a Bug Burrito?

UN report has shown that ditching a meat and dairy diet can help manage climate change, as the industry's methane emissions are more harmful to the environment than the transport sector's carbon emissions.
So yes, don't be surprised when you see bugs being promoted as a great source of protein!
Bug Cuisine Catching On
Cricket tacos, anyone?! In the U.S., chefs are already whipping up some delectable bug dishes, including cricket tacos at La Oxaquena in San Francisco, California, grasshopper sushi at Sushi Mazi in Portland, Oregon, and chapulines at Hugo's in Houston, Texas, which consist of pan sautéed grasshoppers served with guacamole, tortillas, and chipotle tomatillo salsa..
Entomophagy (Bug-Eating) Facts   
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