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The Magic Behind the Movement: The Giving Keys

In 2009, when actress, singer and songwriter Caitlin Crosby was on tour for her album “Flawz," she was inspired by the uniqueness of an"old-fashioned" key she received at one of her hotel stops. Crosby stamped “Love your Flawz" on it and wore it around her neck for the rest of the tour. She also had a handful of keys stamped with impactful words such as “let go," “strength" and “love" that were sold on tour, and also given to those going through tough times.

A powerful idea was born.

With core values such as “dream," “inspire" and “create," The Giving Keys is now a popular social enterprise initiative with a pay-it-forward model. And to address the problem of severe homelessness in Los Angeles—which has jumped a staggering 23% in the last year—The Giving Keys has created over 70 jobs for the transitory population.

Learn more about The Giving Keys' powerful mission on its website.

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