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Tracing Your Holiday Turkey from Farm to Fork

This Thanksgiving, you may have one more thing to be grateful for as you gather around the dinner table. A digital tool called blockchain is helping consumers who purchase select Honeysuckle White turkeys to trace the bird at the center of their holiday feast directly back to the family farm that raised it. They'll also be able to see pictures and even read a special message directly from the farmer.

Committed to enhancing farm-to-fork transparency, blockchain securely shares data across a network of computers in an effort to help build consumers' trust and confidence in their food choices. Other companies and retailers, such as Dole, Tyson, Kroger, and Wal-Mart, have even joined a consortium to use the technology to improve food safety and reduce waste.

With more than 70 farms participating this year, 200,000+ traceable turkeys will be available in retail stores throughout the Midwest and a handful of metropolitan markets, including Seattle, Denver, and Nashville.

Consumers can gobble up all the juicy details of their Honeysuckle White turkey via text, or by entering the on-package code at  HoneysuckleWhite.com.

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