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How to Have the Best Intentions – Literally!

Mindfulness matters, especially when it comes to completing tasks effectively—without stress. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Set intentions: While goal-setting defines what you want to accomplish in the future, intention-setting defines how you wish to move through the present. Set an intention as a way to manifest how you'd like to feel day-to-day. Perhaps you'd like to approach each experience with curiosity or to be proactive with energy management—your intention is up to you!

Proactively pump up your "to-do" list: One way to soothe deadline anxiety is to decide in advance when you will accomplish specific tasks. Have a presentation next Friday? Block off time today in next week's schedule for preparing and rehearsing. To make planning your tasks, deadlines, and schedules even easier, consider a weekly template that is easy to replicate week after week. Didn't get to that one item (okay, two...)? Move it to next week's list.

Slow down: The stress of transition can take its toll. While easy to overlook, self-care should be your number one priority. Yes, even with a packed calendar! Taking care of yourself enables you to fully invest yourself in your commitments from a place of strength. Put you on your to-do list: Take a bubble bath, go for a hike, or book a weekend getaway with your best friend.

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