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Treats to Meet Your Matcha

More and more people are discovering matcha, the superfood packed with powerful antioxidants that provides numerous health benefits and might even prevent some diseases.

Typically available as a tea, matcha boasts a kick of caffeine and a yummy green tea taste, which is why these new matcha-infused treats are tops at delivering that oh-so-needed afternoon boost:

Matcha Rice Delights: With an added zip of lemon and ginger, these organic, vegan, and gluten-free snacks are like a healthy version of a marshmallow crispy treat. (Lotus Foods)

Matcha Latte Ice Cream Bars: Did someone say ice cream?! Even better is that these organic treats are made with fresh, rBST-free milk and cream. (Brewla)

Matcha Happiness Ambition Bars: Cool name and delightfully chewy, these provide a caffeinated boost and a punch of pea protein to keep you going without any refined sugar, grain, or gluten. (Amazon)

Matcha Green Tea & Spirulina Super Dark Chocolate Bars: Unwrap this deliciously all-natural indulgence for a superfood-packed sweet that's made with 72% cacao. A treat indeed! (Vosges)

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