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4 Tech Tools to Boost Your Eco-Intelligence

When it comes to simplifying your life and boosting your eco-intelligence, today's tech has you covered. Check out these tech tools:

Automatic: Plug this tiny device into your car's on-board diagnostics port to track your driving habits, with the goal of reducing wear and tear, decreasing emissions, and saving money on gas. ($129.95, Automatic)

Oroeco: Combat climate change by using this app to calculate—and find ways to reduce—your carbon footprint. (Free on iTunes and Google Play)

Wemo Insight Smart Plug: Use this gadget to control your lights and appliances—and even monitor your energy costs and consumption—from any location. ($44.99, Belkin)

Wildtek Portable Solar Charger: Save money (and the planet) by ditching the battery pack and harnessing the power of the sun to charge all your devices. ($69.99, Wildtek)

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