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#DreamSummer: Volunteering on an Organic Farm

Amid juggling courses, internships, and work study, many college students want to also do their part to promote a green Earth. That's why more and more eco-conscious college students who care about a healthy planet are jumping at the chance to work on an organic farm. Through WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), they can learn about sustainable farming practices abroad while earning their stay. Talk about a dream summer?!

Founded in 1971 in England, anyone over 18 can volunteer on a participating organic farm in over 120 countries, from Austria to Kyrgyzstan. Participants are matched with a host farm, and room and board, meals, and hands-on learning are given in exchange for about four to six hours of work a day.

Get a peek at some WWOOF'ers adventures on the organization's Instagram, or visit Facebook.com/WWOOF

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