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How to Embark on a Global Adventure

Inspired to set out on your own global adventure?

Meet Jacqueline Cook from Long Island, NY. After settling in Trujillo, Peru after college, Jacqui set her sights on visiting the Amazon, but many of the standard travel options were out of budget, and worst of all, unsustainable for local communities. That's when she found Otorongo Expeditions, an ecologically responsible tour company.

Here are Jacqui's tips for planning an eco-travel adventure:
  1. Do your research. By reading reviews online, Jacqui found a tour within her budget and that was much more suited for local, adventurous travel.
  2. Truly disconnect. One of Jacqui's favorite part of her travels was the opportunity to go offline. She learned, "We don't need as much stimuli as we've become accustomed to."
  3. Develop real relationships. Over the course of the week, the guides got to know Jacqui and customized her experience. In turn, Jacqui had an authentic Amazon experience.
And, lucky you—we found a few starting points to send you off on an amazingly exotic global adventure: So...what are you waiting for? Embark on your own journey to make memories—and make a difference. Have fun! 

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